History of the Nove Hrady Smithy

The Nove Hrady Smithy has a long history. A blacksmith and farrier family lived in this smithy since at least 1719. In that year, the birth registers mention that here was born the son of blacksmith - farrier Ferdinand Grössinger. This craft was passed on from father to son during the centuries. In 1879, then inhabitant August Grossinger was mentioned as "farrier and healer".

After WW II, the family was relocated to Austria. The family Karba bought the empty premisses but they were not blacksmiths. In the end only the son remained in the house. He was a locally well known painter of the South Bohemian landscape but neglected maintenance of the smithy. After his accidental death in 1999, the town bought the now derilict building and first option was to tear it down. FInally, the town decided to restore the premises in consultation with the Culturale Heritage Protection Agency and master blacksmith Daniel Cerny.

Since 2003, the Rozmberk Society for Heritage Preservation and Regional Development operates the smithy and blacksmith house as an active blacksmith museum and visitor center. During the summer season, apprentice blacksmiths can get experience in blacksmithing here and demonstrate their art to visitors.

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