ABANA 2016 Conference

Salt Lake City, UT, USA, July 13-16, 2016

As part of our US-Czech blacksmith exchange program, the team of Daniel Cerny will be demonstrating at the 2016 ABANA Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Further details will be added later. The participation at the ABANA event is partly funded by the Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA).

Below are pictures of Team Daniel Cerny demonstrating at the 2004 ABANA conference in Richmond, Kentucky. Main blacksmiths were Daniel Cerny, Jan Stanek, and Gert Bruyninx

abana 1

Above and below, making the word bar. Daniel Cerny (left) and Gert Bruyninx

abana 2

abana visitors
Onlookers to our work. At left, Jan Stanek, from behind, Daniel Cerny

abana 3
Exchange of names and addresses

abana 5
Almost ready

abana 6
Daniel Cerny (right) and Robert Dulfer lecturing about the ABANA work and about the Mondra gate

abana 7
Taking a brake

abana 8
Meeting with Alfred Habermann Jr.

abana 9
The ABANA work completed. The object raised $ 3,000 at the final auction.



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